Does Media Coverage Affect Other Forms of Information Production?

by Bruce Yuan Li

Working Paper, 2019

Summary: News coverage by financial media causes investors to acquire more information and analysts to issue earning forecasts

Presented at U Georgia (2019), AQR (2019), AFA (2019), Cornerstone Research (2018), University of Southern California (2018)

U.S. Innovation and Chinese Competition for Innovation Production

by Gerard Hoberg, Bruce Yuan Li, and Gordon Phillips

Working Paper, 2019

Summary: US firms reduce their R&D investments and patenting activities facing the competition in innovation from China

Presented at American University (2019), Cornell University (2019), Florida State University (2019), University of Georgia (2019), Pennsylvania State University (2019), Queens University (2019), Southern Methodist University (2019), Syracause (2019), Tsinghua University (2019), EFA Meeting (2019), and AFA Meeting (2020)

How Do Equity Offerings Affect Employees and Firms?

by E. Han Kim, Bruce Yuan Li, Yao Lu, and Xinzheng Shi

Working Paper, 2019

Summary: Exogenous shocks to the eligibility of issuing SEOs lead firms to upgrade technology and replace low-skilled workers with high-skilled workers, resulting in a net decrease in total employment

Presented at Red Rock (2017), HKUST Conference (2017), University of Michigan (2017), SUNY Buffalo (2017), University of Georgia (2017), UNLV (2017), Korea University (2017)